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Author Nook

I created #AuthorNook on Twitter as a space for authors to discuss and connect over their process and craft. As the questions gained in popularity, I thought perhaps people might like to discuss these thoughts further and created the Author Nook Blog.

In this blog, I invite three to four authors to expand upon ideas they presented in the Tuesday #AuthorNook WritingQ. My hope is to present a myriad of perspectives across genres on the ways we, as writers, approach our process and craft.

I hope you find this space interesting and engaging. And if it's something you think you may enjoy, please join the discussion on Twitter every Tuesday by following #AuthorNook.

Contributing Authors

Rosalyn Briar

Ciara Skye

J.E. Glass

Erika McCorkle

Rachel Hobbs

Dan Fitzgerald

Sean Hill

Casie Aufenthie

Jami Fairleigh

Pat Luther

K.R. Wieland

Mark Ferguson

Isabela Raittila

H. Ferry

A.D. Wills

E.P. Stavs

Samantha L. Eno

K.L. Bone

Arianna Allen


Elyse Cunningham

Anny Borg

Ryan Replogle

Maxime Jaz

Maria Blackrane

David Partelow

Michele Quirke

Spyder Collins

Alina Leaonova

L. Krauch

J.T. Tenera

Basil Serpent

Rab Ferguson

M.C. Burnell

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