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Writing a novel is a lot like weaving...

I love the process of writing a fantasy novel. Intertwining  characters’ stories—their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations—alongside complex world histories.


Fantasy author of celestial wonders, dark histories, and the magic of trees.

Laken Honeycutt is a fantasy author penning stories from the sanctuary of her home in New England. Enamoured by the stars and with a deep connection to nature, Laken’s work often includes celestial wonders and the natural magic of forests. She is also an avid reader who enjoys hiking, surfing, biking, trail running, and kayaking.

"Filled with fascinating magic, forbidden love, and characters that will stay with you well after completion, The Chrysillium Tree is a powerful and deeply moving tale guaranteed to keep you turning pages well into the night. A must read for any fantasy lover."

                                                             - E.P. Stavs

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